the evenfall chronicle

(An In Character publication, distributed to citizens of Pinefall Isle.)


10.19.638 - Port of Evenfall - Evenfall Navy Recruitment
The Evenfall Navy has sent three ships with cattle, grain, and precious metals to Thallan in Stromgarde to assist with the recent civil rights effort in Northrend. Any able-bodied citizens looking for work are encouraged to enlist with the Evenfall Navy at the dock harbor in Tiel'Aran or the Port of Evenfall. 

((OOC: All out-of-character Evenfall Community Raid Team members are considered members of the Evenfall Navy.))


10.10.638 - Island of Gol'doren - The Druids of Gol'doren report unusual growth in the sapling planted five years ago after eliminating foul spirits on the island by the Heroes of Evenfall. Any information regarding the prior history of the small island is requested to be sent to the Archdruid of Gol'doren. Gold pieces are offered as a reward for information proven to be helpful to the inquiry.

Rat Infestation at Loading Docks

8.17.634 - Port of Evenfall - A recent shipment by the Sundance Trading Company included stowaways! Thousands of rats have flooded the Sundance Dock Yards in the Port of Evenfall, causing chaos and unsanitary conditions. Access to the Dock Yard is strictly forbidden to citizens until further notice.

As carriers of disease, any rats in the port are to be killed on sight. The Admiral is offering one gold per dozen rat pelts until the pandemic is under control. 

~ Reporter Giles from Evenfall

Trouble in Whimsy Plaza

8.7.634 - Whimsy Plaza - The Whimsy Plaza Townhall was held earlier this month. Reports of fertilizer being spread through the dimension and lack of sanitary outhouses or plumbing has citizens worried about whta that might bring to the Port of Evenfall. 
We reached out for comment to the Duke and have yet to receive word. 
Stay subscribed for information as it develops!
The Whimsy Annoucement

Second in Commands: Baron & Admiral

2.23.634 - New Fallton - Baron Szorn and Captain Sundance have recently been named the official dual "Second in Command" by Lord Plenneth, Duke of the Evenfall Isles. With the promotion, Captain Sundance was named "Admiral of the Isles" and is leader of the Evenfall Navy. 
Congratulations to both.

Unsolved Murder

3.23.634 - Port of Evenfall - Still no news regarding the mysterious death of Sundance Indrustries employee, Foderick Paine. The reward offered by newly appointed Admiral of the Evenfall Isles, Captain Merilium Sundance, has been increased to 5,000 gold coins. Any information may be directed to the Admiral. 

Local Cafe Owner Featured in Alliance Free Press

3.23.634 - Port of Evenfall - The Hidden Delights Cafe, owned by local immigrant Romona Anderson, was featured in the seventy-fifth edition of the Alliance Free Press. Renting a booth at the Uldum World Faire, Mrs. Anderson, along with the assistance of an Evenfall local, spread the tastes of the isles to all!
Coming in at number six in the "TOP TEN DISHES FROM AROUND AZEROTH YOU MUST TRY!", Contributor Pieran R.W. Thomas writes, 
Evenfall Stag Steak: Hidden Delights CafeThis full flavored steak comes from the Isles of Evenfall, located between Gilneas and Tol Barad. All the ingredients used come from either this Isle, or their small farm in Pandaria, promising quality food you can trust. The meat is pan seared and seasoned with herbs and garlic, served alongside creamy mashed potatoes and fresh steamed carrots. If the steaks are high for a good night out, visit them.
Congratulations, Romona Anderson! Your cafe is well known here and now in all of Azeroth!

Prices of Pork Continue to Rise

2.3.634 - Port of Evenfall - The prices of pork are on the rise as immigrants from neighboring islands and counties have relocated to the Port of Evenfall to brave out the winter. Requests at the local butcher have quadrupled in recent months, causing the supply to run low and the demand to ever increase.
Butcher Saul approached the Duke at the last court and requested assistance. The Duke responded promised to import pork from neighboring lands, but this will take weeks to deliver. In response to rising prices, the Duke promised to meet with local farmers to determine how to increase supply. 

Murder at the Docks

2.3.634 - Port of Evenfall - A man was found dead near the schooner docks at Hook Point late last night. Suspected foul play by locals, Foderick Paine, employed with Sundance Industries Mechantile Company, was well known to cause a ruckus in the local pubs and amassed a large gambling debt at the Velvetheart Casino Royale.

Any additional information or leads may be directed to your local guard. Captain Sundance is offering a reward for more information that leads to an arrest. 

Help Wanted: Carpenters

2.3.634 - Sundance County - Captain Merilium Sundance seeks able-bodied carpenters to construct housing for immigrants to the county. Housing, benefits, and pay included at over-market value. Childcare is available at an /additional cost. Inquire with references.

Opening Soon: A Dwarven Pub

2.3.634 - Port of Evenfall - A recent licensing request was approved by Lord Francis Plenneth, Duke of Evenfall, for a new dwarven pub in the Hook Point District of Evenfall. Details on the location and venue are scarce, as is the owner of the request. Expect more details in coming months. 

Coming Soon: 

Evenfall Academy of Magical Studies

1.9.634 - The Evenfall Academy of Magical Studies will open its doors to enrollment this April. Applicants must show signs of attunement and be free of any criminal record.
All applications and inquiries may be sent to Grand Magister and Headmaster Nephilium T. Sundance and Magister Talanye Evenspire in the Port of Evenfall. Applications due by February 1.


Demonology Strictly Forbidden

1.9.634 - Port of Evenfall - By declaration of Grand Duke Francis Plenneth, all demonology activity and summoning are strictly forbidden within the city, village, and county limits, outside of Evenfall Academy of Magical Studies and, wherein, only under the tutelage of Magisters Evenspire and Sundance.

Any known participation outside of said limits will be subject to strict punishment, up to and including public display in the gallows for seven days, followed by servitude to House Plenneth not to exceed seven years.

So it is decreed.

New Fallton Rises Again

12.5.633 (( 2021 )) -

As I am sure many of you have noticed, New Fallton is rising. As it’s Baron, I wished to secure the town before opening it back up to you, the public. I believe I have been successful in that endeavor. With the immense assistance of Dela’Sanra Velvetheart, we have allocated our resources to cleaning up the town proper, as well as removing the natural threats that have encroached since Fallton’s fall. Minor repairs have also been made to damaged buildings, and plans have been laid for the future. Before I welcome citizens formally, I would strike a covenant. The Fallton Covenant is extended to any surviving citizens of Fallton who were displaced by the troll attacks. You are free to return to your rebuilt homes, and will receive compensation for any damages sustained in these attacks that have not already been repaired. I extend this covenant as a token of good will, and a stern vow. While under my protection, New Fallton will not suffer the same fate as its former. To this end, I have enlisted a guard detail strong enough for round the clock protection, as well as my own sleepless vigil. The formidable skills of Miss Velvetheart in matters of the arcane will also bolster our defenses so that New Fallton may flourish without fear. If the lands of New Fallton appeal to you and yours, seek myself or Dela’Sanra Velvetheart out, we will see that you are properly welcomed. I look forward to seeing what we are capable of, together.


-Baron Szorn

information wanted

9.3 - Any information regarding the rumors of demon activity north of the Sundance Family Estate is to be directed to the Wardens immediately. Any information leading to the successful capture of an enemy will be rewarded with a year's supply of food. 
All leads may be submitted to "The Wardens in Uptown Borough" in the port of Evenfall.

Hiring: Summons Ability

9.3 - Job boards indicate the Reign of Evenfall group is in need of those with the ability to summon humanoids from across Azeroth and other realms for quick travel. 
Those interested in applying for work may reach out to Sir Szorn or Lord Plenneth. 

Commitment celebration

8.24 - Last night, in the Uptown Borough of Evenfall, Duke Plenneth held a ceremony for those closest to his cabinet, a ceremony to honor those named in the morning’s proclamation of recognition and title. Of those present, he called on each and had them deliver impromptu speeches of their decisions to serve in Evenfall and swear protection for all the inhabitants of the Duchy in Pinefall. Some of the memorable quotes include: 
“It is a place I have grown fond of. I will continue to defend it… until I am dust.”Sir Szorn
“I sought a new purpose, to write a future of mine own…. Here… I have found it.”Warden Kaenynn
“I will not let anything harm that which I hold close to me and Evenfall has earned a place.”Warden Ravenscribe
Afterward, the duke thanked each of them for their service. Even the duke’s friend, Sir Trilink Ehranus of the Deventrine Valley was present, showing support for the duke and for Evenfall. Later, after Warden Ravenscribe reminded Duke Plenneth of his right to stand taller at having earned the respect and service of the Illidari, a feat that one must assume does not come easy, Ranger Rophen Sundance returned from the field with a report of enemy activity. At this news, Duke Plenneth sent each of the sworn members to various leads to search out the threat. 
Any news of demonic magics being practiced in Evenfall should be reported directly to Agent Roth or another member of the Cabinet.

Elimination of leadership

6.27 (2021) - Morrigrim Pridgeforge - 

It is my honor to report that His Grace, Duke Plenneth of Evenfall, led an attack against the trolls near Fallton. Supported by Thane Firewind and his Dark Iron kin the Duke’s forces were able to bring the trolls to bear and deliver justice upon them. While there was indeed evidence of infection by the plague the issue was rectified through the Duke’s trusted advisors and there is little to fear of collateral damage or the plague spreading between careful security measures and the benediction of the Light. The chieftain of this tribe, in accordance with Thane Firewind’s plans, was killed with minimal loss of life on the part of Evenfall’s forces. Duke Plenneth intends to follow up on his success after meeting with his court to determine the next course of action to bring security to Fallton.

Undead Trolls Discovered

6.1 (2021) - A local news reporter leaked that there has been a recent discovery of an undead forest troll group living near Fallton Village. It has been said that the adventuring group, led by Thane Firewind and Duke Plenneth, eradicated the population, but rumor flies that Pinefall Forest is riddled with them. Local farmers urge citizens to lock their doors, hide their wives, and arm themselves.

Wool Shortage

6.1 (2021) - Reports from the local textiles in Evenfall Port indicate there is a shortage of wool within the city. Wool is a vital part to preparing uniforms for the military and naval force being formed. As such, the Duke of Evenfall has mandated fifteen percent of each farmer's wool product be donated to the Reign of Evenfall. Any amounts over fifteen percent production will be paid for at 1.5 times the normal going rate. Seek your local representative for more information.

Fetish of the Trolls

5.5 (2021) - Locals in Roundstone Village have reported troll fetishes blocking the Fallton Bridge on the peninsula side. Half of the bridge was covered in blood and gore from what the local investigator determined was from rabbits and wolves. Notification was sent to the Office of the Duke in Evenfall.

bistro closed: building for rent

5.5 (2021) - The new bistro that opened in the Unity Square District of Evenfall two weeks ago has permanently closed due to irreconcilable differences of the owner. Rumor from the alley says the owner was a practitioner of illegal magics. The building is now open for rent. Reach out to the Office of the Duke. 

Missing child

4.8 (2021) - 
Roundstone Village: The local magistrate reports the youngest child of Lucious and Estelle Gout has been missing for three days, last seen near the edge of Eastern Fallton Falls. A reward is being offered for her safe return.

town hall on sunday

4.9 (2021) - 
Francis Plenneth calls a town hall meeting on Sunday, April 11 at 6:30 PM ST. All are encouraged to attend.

Return of a leader?

2.14 (2021) - 
Most citizens of Evenfall are aware of the history of the Isle as our resident goblin never fails to remind the people of how he "single-handedly" provided the funding to rebuild the port city and heritage. It should come as no shock to any citizen, new or old, that this word has found its way to the far political reaches in Stormwind and directly to the advisors to the Kingdom of Gilneas. As such, it has been said that Francis Plenneth, the eldest surviving member of the thought to be extinguished line of counts, has been ordered to govern Evenfall and her territories once again. He is said to make a permanent residence in Evenfall proper within the proceeding weeks. The news is blessed by the Sundance Trading Company leadership.

forest troll sighting

2.14 (2021) - 
Residents of Fallton reported sightings of what appeared to be trolls camping on the east side of the Fallton Falls. The local human woman who sighted the savage said, "Where are the protectors of the realm?! Those tusks betta not steal my babies! I wanna speak to the manager!"
It is unknown who will be managing the town after the arrival of Count Plenneth, but the Chronicle will be sure to petition him once he arrives. For now, the Sundance Trading Company protection has been notified and a small group of sailors has gone to investigate.