evenfall isles

formerly pinefall isle


Established more than one thousand and two hundred years ago, around the time Arathor built the citadel of Tol Barad, the Plenneth family established their nobility upon an isle in the bay of The Great Sea. After the death of King Thoradin and the split of Arathor, the Plenneth nobility swore fealty to the city-state of Gilneas.
During the Second Great War, Evenfall was raided by the Orcish Horde and the forest trolls, forcing the Plenneth family to the mainland. The city and lands were left to the wilds for years.
Roughly three years after the Fall of Gilneas, a trading company discovered the almost uninhabited island and rebuilt the main city of Evenfall, making it their main port of operation. Filled with sailors and refugees from war-torn cities and countries, Evenfall and the surrounding villages began to thrive under the direction of The Sundance Trading Company's leadership.
Now with a thriving trading post with fishing and farming villages, the Evenfall Isles are once again governed by a member of the Gilnean Plenneth family. Their aim? Restore the isle to its former glory with a little help from some friends.

Notable Characters

  • Francis E. Plenneth
  • Baron Szorn, Lord of New Fallton
  • Lady Amariesse Starsinger-Dracone of the Whimsy Plaza

People and Culture

The Port of Evenfall is the diamond of the Evenfall Isles. While in disarray for years, the rebuilding has vitalized those who survived on the isle and reinvigorated the various refugees from Theramore, Teldrassil, and Southshore. Mostly new families and new adults searching for their place in the world, the villages draw those with little options or wealth and are hand-selected by the governing entities of Evenfall. Most of the inhabitants are human, but the port city houses high elves, dwarves, blood elves, goblins, and others sworn to uphold neutrality while inhabiting the isle. Law is strictly enforced within the inhabited areas of the isle with a stockade at the center of Evenfall.
With the assistance of Lady Dracone and Fate's Whisper, the Port of Evenfall hosts a "pocket plaza" marketplace, named Whimsy Plaza, offering shoppers "the most elusive treasures." More information on the plaza is found by those who are 'in the know" and invited.

Climate and Geography

The climate mirrors the common climates of Gilneas, Hillsbrad Foothills, and Kul'Tiras. The Port of Evenfall sits on rocky ledges with little vegetation until outside of the city limits. To the north of the city, villages sit on lush green lands prime for farming, making the isles self-sufficient. Mountainous reaches to the west, east, and far north show signs of snowy peaks, surrounded by a massive mostly pine forest.

Travel Connections

The only current method of arriving on the isle is through the Port of Evenfall. Flightpaths extend to the three major settlements. A ferry between the Port of Evenfall and New Fallton is currently being built. There are no current public portals. Inhabitants must travel between the city and villages by foot, horse, or other ground transportation means. Flying is solely reserved for leaders and adventurers with special licensing.

CapitalPort of Evenfall (population approx. 1,200)
RacesHumanElf (Quel’dorei, Ren'dorei, Sin’dorei)KaldoreiTroll (forest)
SettlementsNew Fallton - Fallton CountyRound Stone Village - Island CountyMountain Home - Snow County
Language(s)Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Thalassian, Darnassian, Draenei, Pandaren
FaithsHoly Light, Demonology, Druidism, Shamanism
AffiliationsAlliance, Kingdom of Gilneas, Kingdom of Stromgarde
Former AffiliationsDalaran, Alliance of Lordaeron, Alterac

AreaTotal 89,000 sq. acres (139 sq mi / 360 sq km)Evenfall Port 1,000 sq. acresFarming Communities 29,000 sq. acresMountainous Forest 59,000 sq. acres (uninhabited/unexplored)
Wild CreaturesCrocolisks, Deer, Foxes, Rabbits, Rats, Snakes, Squirrels, Wolves

Location(listed below)

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Baradin Bay

The Isles of Evenfall are located in Baradin Bay, circled in red.

Map of the Evenfall Isles