(("Face Claim": Eric Saade))

Francis Eaton Plenneth

Duke of Evenfall | Veteran of the Fourth War

AGE: 28 SEX: Male RACE: Afflicted Gilnean HEIGHT: 5’11”

EYES: Brown SKIN: Pale HAIR: Thick, Black BODY: athletic

BIRTHDAY: 04.02 BIRTHPLACE: Rural Northeastern Gilneas, south of The Wall

RESIDENCE: Evenfall, a small port city off an island in Baradin Bay

OCCUPATION: Inscriptionist GUILD: Reign of Evenfall

AFFILIATIONS: The Sundance Trading Co, Gallowglass (formerly), The Alliance

CLASSIFICATION: Druid and Marksman


PERSONALITY: Friendly, humble, calm, underlying funny, lawful, forgiving, passionate, patient, active, generous, optimistic, self-sacrificing, courageous

FAVORS: Integrity

DISFAVORS: Egocentric individuals, pirates, Forsaken

FEARS: The Forsaken ruling the world.


Father: Padraig Bartholomew Plenneth - Gilnean - deceased

Mother: Miriam Rose (Hallwell) Plenneth - Gilnean - deceased

Sibling(s): Frederickk Mavius Plenneth - Afflicted Gilnean - living - 26

Ruby Sarah Plenneth - Gilnean - deceased at 15

Paul Padraig Plenneth - Gilnean - deceased at 13

Fiance: Lady Amariesse Dracone

GOALS: To hold the following principles in all his affairs:

Integrity - always do the right thing

Transformation - continually grow mentally and physically

Simplicity - remain uncomplicated